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I was very lucky to be introduced to the practice of yoga at the young age of ten and since then I have to say that yoga has been one of my main interests in life.

In 2005 I travelled for the first time to India and since then I started to go there regularly every year for 6 months per year. For 6-7 years I can say that I lived more in India then anywhere else.

In India I had the opportunity to study more deeply the subject of yoga and related subjects like Ayurveda, Tantra, Vedanta, and Jyotish, while in Thailand I had the opportunity to study Buddhist techniques of meditation.

At the same time I started to learn forms of bodywork / massage, first in India (Ayurvedic massage) and then in Thailand (Thai yoga massage) and then in UK (Sports and Remedial massage).

I’ve travelled India extensively, studying and living in different ashrams and schools.

In 2008 under the request of some friends I start to teach yoga.

The yoga class I teach is strongly influenced by the teaching of Swami Satyananda from the Bihar school of yoga, but also from other schools like Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Yoga Vidya Dham, as well as influenced by concepts and ideas from Ayurveda, Tantric Hatha Yoga, Patanjali, Tantra (Sri Vidya) and Vedanta.

I keep the yoga class focused on the traditional view of yoga, well grounded and adapted for the western mind.

The bodywork / massage is influenced from all the different techniques I have learned over the years, using both the holistical approach of Thai massage and Ayurvedic massage alongside the practical and scientific view of sports and remedial massage and myofascial release

Both in yoga and bodywork I consider the unity of the Body-Mind as a basic principle for the application of the therapy.


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