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Mississauga, ON

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Looking for one-on-one yoga lessons in the comfort of your own home, studio or office? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’d like to get in shape, improve your posture, work on a specific problem area, be more flexible, feel better from the inside out or simply get rid of those little aches and pains, yoga is the answer. And private yoga classes are the increasingly preferred method of instruction due to its ease and convenience for you.

My name is Andrea and my unique goal as a yoga instructor is to inspire continuous personal improvement, self-empowerment, peace and mindfulness through the teachings of Hatha and Sivananda Yoga.

This ancient science of life is not only a part of my Indian roots, but has been an indispensable influence on my wellbeing since childhood. After being certified by the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram in India (RYT200), I have been fortunate enough to live and teach in several countries around the world, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Maldives, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and India itself. As a result, worldliness, cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity is reflected in my own yogic lifestyle and my methods of interaction with my students.

My approach to teaching focuses primarily on each individual’s spiritual energy, latent potential and higher power. In addition to simplifying asana sequences and pranayama breathing techniques into their essential elements, I aim to naturally incorporate classical yogic disciplines, Vedic scriptures and Sanskrit mantras into each class.

Private lessons not only allow the unique benefits of having a class on your own schedule and in your own familiar, safe and non-competitive space, but they also provide personalized instruction according to your specific needs, health history and individual disposition. Having the full and undivided attention of a certified teacher gives you the invaluable experience of continuously being guided in the correct and safe way to move into, hold and come out of asanas based on your own ability, skill level and body type. As you progress and evolve in your practice, this continued guidance will ensure that you connect with yourself on a deeper level, make the most of your yoga journey and allow your own unique light to radiate into the world.

And best of all, you wouldn’t have to be bothered with setting aside extra time for travel, looking for a parking spot, finding a place in a packed classroom or being just another face in the crowd!

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