Andrea Encinas

San Miguel de Allende GUA

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I taught my first Yoga Class 17 years ago in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Completed a 200 hour Teacher Training in 2012 and a Chikung teacher training on 2014. I have taught yoga for adults and children in different hotels and studios in Riviera Maya area and provide private and group wellness coaching. I am the owner of a line of superfoods and natural products for health and beauty. I also teach workshops related to wellness.
My classes are multilevel and anyone can practice. I focus on becoming aware of the breathing, of the posture, of the bodily sensations, of the transitions between poses, of the thoughts… everything happening inside and outside ourselves. When doing a conscious practice, we receive all the physical and mental benefits and prepare the body and mind for the state of yoga, the state of union which is our true nature.
“I believe Yoga is not a goal to be achieved. Yoga happens every moment but our perception is filtered by a noisy mind and that prevents us from experiencing it.
I don´t believe is necessary to force upon ourselves a change in life stlye or eating habits in order to practice yoga or Chikung. Any person can practice. As we become more aware of our body and mind the change happens on its own, mostly with no effort.”


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