Andrea Moore

Reno, NV
United States
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When I began attending yoga classes ten years ago my intention was to add some stretching into my regular fitness routine. Posture and flexibility have always been a challenge for me and after years of pounding the pavement while training for and running marathons, slowing down and placing some mindful attention on my body was a novel idea. The physical benefits of yoga were easily noticed, but I became a lifelong student as I realized the deeper aspects of what this practice offers. Life lessons of consciousness, mindfulness and recognition that we are all one, is what it’s all about. I completed my teacher training under Melissa Martinez, a life changing experience for which I am beyond grateful. I am so excited to share the grace and strength of this practice with others.

I have always called Reno my home. I am so appreciative of the incredible support network of family and friends that surround me in this awesome city. I am sharing this journey with my amazing husband and our four beautiful children….my teachers who remind me daily with their encouraging smiles and love that I know I’m on the right path because I’m uninterested in looking back.

Week of February 17TH

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