Andrea Rene Moore

Georgetown, CO
United States

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I began practicing yoga regularly in 1993, appreciating how yoga balanced the mountain athlete lifestyle. In 1996, I was introduced to Iyengar yoga, but explored as many schools of yoga as possible for another 9 years. In 2005, I earned 200 hour certification in Hatha Yoga and have continued to study and train with many accomplished and inspiring teachers. I have completed the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver Teacher Training Program in 2013 and 2014, and plan to go for assessment for certification in 2015.

With deep gratitude to Tias Little of Prajna Yoga, Brenda Flemming, Phyllis Rollins of 8th Street Studio, Leslie Bradley of Blue Spruce Yoga, Craig Kurtz of Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver, Swati and Rajiv Chanchani of Yog-Ganga Centre, as well as Manouso Manos, Gabriella Giubilaro and many others. With the guidance of great teachers, I have had a glimpse of how to mine the depths of the Soul, through the practice of yoga. My intention is to offer students an opportunity to realize the Self through the practice of yoga asana and pranayama in the tradition of Sage Patanjali.
I also offer Thai Massage and Acutonics Sound Healing sessions. For more info:


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