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I'm Andrea Saner - ASANER YOGA - yoga teacher, podcast host, author and encourager. I'll show you that you're worth being seen!

Every aspect of your being tells about you and your potential.


As a small, petite person with a migration background and six siblings, I know how to assert myself in life. To this day, yoga is for me the daily source of a very great power and wisdom that is difficult to capture in words. I want that for you too! You can feel strong, you can enjoy this special stillness and let your soul dance in harmony.

Every student is an asset to me! With me, you are accepted as you are, without evaluation! Sama (equanimity) is the highest principle for me.

What is important to me? That you leave the training stronger and masters your lessons with confidence!

"Everything you see is an illusion. What you recognize in every being, plant and animal is the true essence.” (Haridas – my master)

Pictures in the nature: Claudia Summ
Pictures in the blue overall: Bina Engel


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