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I first started practicing yoga at the age of 40, primarily because of the physical benefit of the practice. It was when I went through a rough patch in my life that I … for some reason … kept on going to regular yoga classes. I then realized that it was doing more for me than just a nice physic. I felt peace and warmth and freedom every time I left the studio. Once I felt this I was hooked and yoga has been the one thing that I have continually stuck with and have had a passion for. To pass this excitement, this joy, freedom and fun I completed my 200hr Teacher Training with Inside Yoga (Young-Ho Kim, Frankfurt, Barbra Noh, Munich and Richard Hackenberg, Munich) in 2011.

After a severe accident in 2012, I had to start fresh. That year I met David Regelin, whose approach to biomechanics, using archetypes of forms and the beauty of geometry in connection to the human body, resonated with me. As a result, in April 2013, I joined his 75-hour Teacher Training in New York City, alongside his own teacher Nevine Michaan, Abbie Galvin, Alex Auder, and Chris Chen. Since then, I continued to study with my foremost teacher Nevine Michaan and her friend Abbie Galvin on a regular basis. My Katonah Yoga® 200hr certification is in finalization as of 2017.
“Through this practice I found the magic of organic, organized nature. Taoism has deepened my sense of the inner directional intelligence of the body. Manipulating the form of the body through poses and refining the measure of the breath through pranayama, Katonah Yoga® has provided me with the tools for personal growth and well-being.”

I will continually be a student of yoga and share the knowledge and most of all the JOY that I receive.


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