Andrea Vasaune

Mint Hill, NC
United States

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Andrea was first exposed to yoga while living in Chicago, when she and her sister would slip into the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, a studio exotic and alluring with its incense and alternate nose breathing. In Charleston, SC, and later in Charlotte, she took prenatal yoga during two of her pregnancies. She began to build a dedicated practice and completed her 200 hour teacher training with Charlotte Yoga in 2016.

This year, she is teaching yoga to students at Chantilly Montessori (including her three young children). Andrea has taught French language, literature and film at the middle school through university levels for a decade. A natural teacher, she can’t wait to teach more yoga!

Andrea loves the variety that yoga offers: from the physically challenging to the meditative. Yoga has brought her a deep sense of physical and mental well being that she hopes to share with children and adults. In her free time, Andrea loves to travel, read, cook, and dance around the house with her family.