Andrew Farrugia

Halton Hills, ON

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I was a student at the University of Waterloo when I was introduced to Yoga. I have since graduated and have been a practicing Yogi for approximately 3 years. I was in a rough spot in my life which required me to make changes to my lifestyle. Although I was a fit athlete; working out and sports did not give me the same mental focus, will power, and confidence that I realized was required of myself to be successful. Yoga has opened up my mind to such a new way of looking at life. I am now better able to be in every moment, find positivity, and release some of the tension experienced when I find myself fighting life instead of just being. Gratitude is the key to a positive and successful life in whatever your life's purpose may be. I am excited for my lifelong journey of discovery and self study to ensure I am respecting my body as I find limitations and make adjustments to help constantly further my practice. As a Yoga Professional I take pride in promoting these values of the Yoga lifestyle and provide a healthy and therapeutic practice designed for all ages and levels of practice. I look forward to growing as teacher and meeting many of you in the Yoga community!


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