Andrew Magner

West Chester, PA
United States

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Andrew Magner, a lifelong beach resident, grew up in Margate NJ. He is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast and has participated in both organized sports such as beach volleyball and basketball and individual fitness challenges such as crossfit, weight lifting, surfing, kayaking, hiking, and balance training, While you are likey to find Andy on one of his SUPs in the summer, he holds a master’s degree in special education and is a 14 year veteran high school teacher in Lower Merion School District. Andy began his yoga practice seven years ago in a quest to recover from sports injuries, but he has found the spiritual and emotional side of his practice to be the most healing of all. He completed his 200 hour certification in Kripalu and recently earned a 200 hour vinyasa certification at the Zen Den.

Free spirited, calm, and patient, Andy is driven and passionate. His love for travel fuels his adventurous spirit. While his passion for yoga is apparent in his classes, there is nothing more important to Andy than his relationship with his two sons Drew and Jaxon.

Week of May 29TH

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