Angela Giacomelli

North Port, FL
United States
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Angela is originally from Michigan but has since lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Myrtle Beach where she performed in multiple shows as a singer. She uses her voice as a tool to enhance her teachings and is known for her signature final relaxation chants.

Her classes appeal to those who enjoy pushing their limits and exploring new territory. No matter what class you choose to practice with her, you will find yourself smiling through it all as she reminds us to lighten up and explore your practice with an open heart. Her voice is soothing and strong at exactly the right moments and is a perfect combination to guide you and calm you throughout your practice. Angela is known for finding and teaching the Yoga in everyday life as well as on the mat. She truly enjoys watching the magic yoga brings to those who incorporate it as a lifestyle.

Although Angela teaches a variety of Yoga styles her passion lies in teaching pre/postnatal yoga and baby and me classes. She believes woman hood and motherhood are magical. She takes great pride in being able to create a sacred space for mamas to connect deeper within themselves as it helped her tremendously going through her transformation into motherhood.

She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Elinore Cohen (featured Instructor by Yoga Journal) at Pure Flow Yoga where she taught for a year before moving to the east coast. Angela teaches a wide variety of styles such as Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Yin, Children’s Yoga, Pre/Postnatal, Restorative and Chanting


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My Weekly Inspiration!

I look forward to my weekly classes with Angela Giacomelli. She teaches intuitively and asks for requests each class. She shares philosophy and inspires inner peace with each practice. My favorite part of the class is the end where she performs melodic chanting and recites a quote that matches the overall theme of our practice that evening. It really is a treat!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Bravo Angela!

We at Movement Works, feel very blessed to have shared space with Angela. She was a bright light in our lives and we miss her terribly! Angela gives a warm and inspiring class. Her voice carries thru the room and lulls one into relaxation just by the sound of it. She is an gem of a yoga teacher and one is lucky to get to experience a practice with her:):) Namaste.

Angela GiacomelliJune 13, 2015
Thank you!

Nancy it was an absolute pleasure teaching along side of you and collaborating with you at Movement Works. You truly have a magical studio that is not only beautiful but nurturing to each one of the students that practice there. It was a real honor leading the yogis at Movement Works with such dedicated practices. I cherish the classes I had there and miss everyone very much. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Lots of love and gratitude. Namaste

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Her sweet essence fills the room!

Angela greets each class with a loving, joyful smile. She supports students to find the sweet joy within themselves and others. Angela teaches her flow classes with attention to sequencing that promotes "opening" within the body. The student also experiences expansion of heart as she concludes her class with chanting. Her voice reaches the most restricted areas of mind and body. You leave her class with a sense of spacious wellbeing.

Angela GiacomelliJune 10, 2015

Claire, thank you so much for saying such lovely things. I am so glad you enjoy my classes and I am so honored to have taught along side of you as well as collaborated with you. You are an inspiring and beautiful spirit and your teachings are a reflection of that. Thank you. Namaste

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Angela is amazing!

If your looking for a fun, dynamic, caring and passionate teacher, go to Angela! I have taken her classes and she is one of my favorite teachers ever. She brought a great balance to the class and I love her energy. Thank you Angela for be amazing!!!!

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

Thank you so much Erika. I am honored and so grateful you enjoyed taking class with me and thank you for being so amazing yourself! xoxo Keep shining bright!

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Simply om-azing!

Angela is a wonderful instructor. Her free, playful spirit is a wonderful quality for your practice. She is always so positive when giving feedback and/or adjustments. Whether it's in a group setting or a private session, she will push you in a gentle, loving way. I love that she is eager for requests in her class, so if you are working on something in particular, she will incorporate into the class or offer to assist you at the end of class.
Her unique way of closing each class has to be my favorite part. Her voice is calming, yet powerful and a lovely way to end savasana. I would highly recommend her for any level!

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

Tracey, Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words. It was wonderful to have you in class. I am constantly humbled when I teach and so grateful you receive so much from coming to class with me. You are OM_AZING yourself!! xoxo

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

Madison, thank you so much! So happy to have had you in class!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

just sharing the room with Angela is an uplifting experience; she brings grace, beauty and life to her classes. I challenge myself more and smile thru it! try new poses with a little more confidence; leave feeling I have honored myself. Love her classes!!

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

Sara, thank you so much for such a lovely review! It's always nice to see your smile in class and I am so grateful to challenge you in a way that makes you smile. It's been an honor to have you. xoxo

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Great teacher!

a wonderful teacher who cares about her students! And a bonus, she has a beautiful voice!

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

Lori, I am so glad you enjoy coming to my class and thank you so much for your kind words. xoxox

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Hands down the best Yoga teacher ever.

I love the way she teaches it's so much fun and I love that she has such great connection with her students.
Learning from I feel like I am really taken care of in all my yoga needs and yoga with her just feels so right and practicing with her takes me to a level of connection and love that I didn't think was possible.
She is just the greatest yoga teacher I ever practiced with.

Angela GiacomelliJune 2, 2015

BC Hopper. Wow! Thank you. It brings me much joy to know I am serving you in heart felt way. I really do value connection with the yoga students that come to class as that is what yoga is all about. Connection. I am humbled. Thank you for your beautiful review. I am so grateful to have you in class. Love. Love. love. Namaste xo