Angela Schut-Gotlieb

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I am a certified Yoga Instructor from Groningen Holland. I used to teach at my own studio "Yoga Hart Haren" for over 2 years before I discovered that ownership of my own studio was not my thing. I am now teaching in different locations throughout the world as Pop Up Yogi.

Through Yoga I learned to see and feel the connection between my thoughts and feelings and am now able to live in peace with my life and all of its surprising content. I feel privileged to have the opportunity of passing through this knowledge by teaching what I love.

I started my own Yogastudio in a building that used to be a University, faculty Biology once. It now houses over 250 people who live and or work there. With a surface of 30.000 m2, spread over eight hectares it is one of the biggest creative breeding places in Holland. The atmosphere suits the tranquil environment in which i wish all people in urban city's could practice their yoga.


Average: 4.5 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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pleasant, relaxing and challenging Yoga!

The classes at Yoga Hart Haren are in a beautiful quiet space and are given by an inspiring profesional teacher. With her clear explanations she guides you trough the breathing excercises, warming-up and asanas and where needed she will give some personal indications and adjustments. Naturally the class ends with a lovely final relaxation guided by her very tranquil, "real yoga" voice. I experienced the classes as very pleasant and challenging. There was always space to get extra attention and explanations or in my case personal adaptions for my pregnant belly (before I joined the pregnancy class) <3

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Ontspanning door inspanning

De eerste lessen bij Angela vond ik best zwaar. Je gebruikt spieren die dat niet zo gewend zijn en staat in houdingen die onmogelijk lijken. Maar al na een paar lessen merk ik dat ik me sterker voel ná de les dan daarvoor. Minder gestrest en chaotisch, meer ontspannen en alert. Na de concentratie van de oefeningen was de total relaxation extra intens. Heerlijk :)

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Her voice, her personallity, her professional skills: that is why you stay with her!

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Hart voor Yoga

Angela heeft echt een hart voor Yoga. De naam Yoga Hart Haren is dan ook zeer toepasselijk. In haar lessen merk je dit van alle kanten. Er is persoonlijke aandacht, goede demonstratie van de oefeningen en prima uitleg. Bovendien is het eind van de les heerlijk ontspannend!

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Very good Yoga teacher

The atmoshere in the room where Angela gives her Yogalessons is absolute wonderfull and spiritual. She is a very nice, spiritual en friendly person, who gives her lessons in a very pleasant way. Thankyou dear Angela x

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real xxl yoga

goede starterslessen voor mensen met overgewicht, goede alternatieven van klassieke hatha-oefeningen worden stap voor stap gedaan.

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Taught with love

I found Angela's lesson relaxing, I came out with more room in my body. Her confidence was reassuring, and where necessary she corrected me with softness and respect. My favourite part was the guided meditation near the end, really lovely soothing voice and pace- I sank more into myself.
Thanks so much Angela!

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Beautiful woman on in and outside! When you enter the yoga room you can feel the love from Angela.

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I’m really enjoying these yoga sessions. Angela gives full en complete lessons with challenging, but doable, asana’s . She is able to find challenge within the possibility’s and limitations of every individual person. More than any previous yoga I’ve done, these lessons have an impact on my mind as well as my body. Beside Angela being professional and a good teacher she is also a kind and warm person.

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find your balance!

'Everyone can stand on their head!'_ is what Angela told us the first lesson. I loved her yoga-class as it's challenging body as well as the mind, while keeping things calm and open. Angela's lessons give space for some serious yogi-training, in your own pace and time. I would recommend her lessons to anyone who is looking for a yoga-class that brings you into balance while gently pushing your limits and discovering you're capable of more than you'd think.

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yoga xxxxl

Heavy job to do but I do my best!

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New teacher but experienced

Her being new as a Yoga teacher is not something I experience in class, this gives a feeling of safety. The yoga is serious and fun to, good for the body and calming for the mind.

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Angela has got the voice of an angel and is very experienced

As being new to yoga it was a total new experience for me. First I was a bit unsure of what to expect and if my overweight body would manage to make the movements. But once we started Angela's voice comfort me and set my mind at ease. Her lovely voice and good explanation of how to breath, making adjustments when necessary and giving a good example of how to make a certain movement, made it for me capable of just doing it. She actually is the first woman who made it possible for me to stand on my head!
Without any doubt I can recommend to give it a try with Angela when you want to start yoga.