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Physical yoga is one thing. The implementation of yoga principles in our daily lives, our organisations and our systems is another. So how can we start?

Are you ready to take that next step? It is time to realise that you have more potential than you think and that you can actively help implement change in our organisations and systems to help evolution.

Your mind and your little problems are just a miniature of the world's mind. By working on yourself and your limiting belief systems you will become a better and exemplary leader of your own life, the life of your organisation and hence the life of our systems and our new earth.

But how?
Keep doing your spiritual practices. But talk. Start hearing yourself talk about your new visions and goals and let yourself guide by the light, step by step, as simple as that. It reflects back to you what you need to see and know in order to move on. As your leadership coach, I will take that role and hold that space for you, so you can remove the blockages that keep you from actively doing what you feel is right in your personal or professional life, and start flowing with the joy of creation.

As a holistic Ashtanga yoga teacher, thai yoga body worker, reiki and chakra healer, psychosynthesis leadership coach, international marketing manager and consultant, musician and composer, permaculture farmer, world traveller and observer, I will guide you into what is meant to be for you, so you can rise as high as you want to.

The coaching sessions are held comfortably from your home via Skype (as I moved away from England), in a 5 to 6-session set, weekly or according to your schedule. You choose. It is a time just for yourself, where you can let your true self and potential emerge, and we will start making things happen for you. I can also come to your company anywhere in the world to work on your leadership team via my 5-week Yoga Coaching Programme (). As my business name Laniakea says - we have immeasurable possibilities in our lives - everything is possible. Get in touch and we can find price arrangements - everything is possible, you just have to believe.

If you are lucky enough to live nearby Austria, you can find me teach holistic Ashtanga Yoga classes and courses - check my Facebook for current locations and schedules - or you can come for a passive Yoga workout, a Thai Yoga Massage (please get in touch).

Yoga or 'Union' is our natural state of being. My purpose in sharing the concepts of Yoga with you is to remind you of that union, that connectedness and its consequences, and that mankind's true nature is loving, compassionate and divine. Be love & happiness.


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