Angelina Manzella

San Diego, CA
United States

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I moved to Southern California several years ago, with intentions to start a path toward a career in Holistic Medicine and Integrative Health. To this date it is the best decision I have ever made. Living in San Diego has inspired me to live in a more harmonious way. I found the yoga community immediatly after moving from the midwest to find relief for the chaos of my undesired lifestyle. Soon after, I completed my teacher training with Spirit Yoga in San Diego, CA. I continually motivate myself to be a better teacher by immersing myself in the community and what is yoga. I practice yoga to be continually aware of my mind and body habits. To work on and improve things I’ve neglected to care for in my earlier years. While the practice has also helped me to stay connected to my spiritual development by quieting my day to day thoughts. Allowing me to pay deep attention to a divine connectivity and a grand design that continues to keep me thirsting for knowledge. I teach a very grounding yet motivating class. Providing a fresh place to come from and a direction to head toward. My teaching intention is to help create Harmony and Awareness in my students. Life is quite simple if we allow it, let your heart be light.


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