Angelique de Gruchy

Sunshine Coast QLD

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Angelique is crazy passionate about yoga & music. For her, yoga & music are like a lock & key, a bow & arrow, a rise & fall, surf & sand… they are just made for each other! They work. Angelique loves the way that yoga transforms people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She loves how it has the power to be applied to all aspects of life. How it gently expands our levels of compassion and loving kindness towards both ourselves and towards each other. Similarly, she loves the way that music has the power to enhance almost every experience. She loves how it offers us all a unique and beautiful soundtrack for our lives. How it can create a sense of connection and unity within an otherwise solitary moment. How it allows us to find our own rhythm and how it creates endless opportunities to express that rhythm with each other and with ourselves. Together, Angelique believes that YOGA & MUSIC are POWERFUL. She believes that they can create sacred space for tribe to be CONNECTED and EMPOWERED. Too many people feel disconnected in their day-to-day lives. Disconnected from themselves, disconnected from each other and disconnected from their TRUE POWER. They are CRAVING a sense of UNITY, a sense of BELONGING. Something to INSPIRE them to become their BEST SELVES. Angelique’s offering is The Yoga Sessions. Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about yoga. This is where YOGA and MUSIC COLLIDE.


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