Angelos Ananda

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Spiritual coach, healer, yoga teacher ,Ayurvedic masseu and he loves movement and QiGong.

Angelos has spent the last years traveling and teaching classes, workshops and retreats around the world from
Greece to India, Bali, Nepal, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil,Mexico,Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, New Zealand and Australia. 

In his yoga path he met a lot of important teachers and he teach several techniques.

Yoga for him is a way of life and through his teaching he wants to support everyone to understand real life. He will not only be focusing on the body but also on how to master your mind and how to bring light into your soul.
He believes that everything is possible. He take the yoga practice quite seriously, but his personality is fun and playful — this combination allows him to connect deeply with students from every walk of life and corner around the world.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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