Angie Gonzalez

Lauderhill, FL
United States

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Is certified permaculture designer, yoga teacher, health coach, herbal practitioner in the Ayurvedic tradition and thai massage practitioner.
Founder of :

/ Inspiring Inner and Outer ecology

” In my search for peace, health and wellness I found permaculture environments that promote optimal states of health for the planet and for the people.

I have now merged my passions of life. Health of mind, body, earth & culture

My goal is to give you knowledge that will ¨green¨ your lifestyle , these tools will make it possible for you to create natural capital beyond you have ever imagined.

What does that really mean ?

I am here to make you supportive to all life forms. To help you become an ecological superhuman from the inside out.

How ?

Through a series of classes, workshops, courses, hands on permaculture, yoga and herbal training out in the garden the playground of the Earth.


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