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Shri Anil is a jewel of a teacher, Incredible knowledge and motivational is clear and precise with his instructions. His Hatha yoga teaching skills and classes have a huge fan base in Delhi with several private clients and a loyal following. He take his students , with his systematic guidance, to their best potential and i am very impressed with the levels of advanced postures he can take than. This, I have seen very few teachers safely able to do. It takes knowledge and a good self practice and understanding of sequencing to attain that. His interest with therapy in yoga makes the classes good for all levels. His recent yoga workshop in London, Ontario Canada and London , UK were a great success !
Peace, Joy and wishing you a beautiful yoga journey inwards and onwards. - Mini Shastri
Word from Anil - Yogaayaam is the word I use to describe my complete holistic approach to the beauty of yoga where one experiences the different dimensions of this practice including Hatha Vinyasa , Sivananda, Bihar School of Yoga, and Tranformational Yoga.
At the same time I do believe that there are some beneficial facts of modern methodology like Aerobics, Reflexology and Thai Streching which all enhance the very aspects of yoga as total body/mind fitness. Every student is special and different and every yoga is so defined. This is the reason that my quest for knowledge never ends and this is why I tread to provide a better comprehensive holistic road to every journey that a student starts with me.


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