Anisha Badri

United Kingdom

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I was born and raised in India and experienced the infinite dimensions of Yoga from infancy really! I remember so clearly, hearing and then reciting the Universal Mahamantra () very early on with my mother, at home as she'd lull me to sleep and in the beautiful Jain temples that we so frequently visited. My formative years were spent in the mountains of Rajasthan where I began my formal study of Yoga, together with classical dance training. During the annual school holidays I joined my mother who practised yoga daily, with her teacher who came to our way yoga has been taught in India for centuries. I learned the profound lessons of vedanta and yoga philosophy, pranayama, yoga kriyas and asanas in a really simple and practical manner. I understood the significance of the application of these practises in everyday life.
I left India when I was 19. Life has since taken me on many adventures and for the past 28 years I have lived in the US (where I completed my university education & Yoga teacher training with amazing Avril Loy), London and a year in the Bay of Islands, NZ. As a Yoga practitioner and guide I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to further my practise under the tutelage of Sarah Powers, Una Dinsmore, Bryan Kest, Mira Mehta, Bernie Clark, Ryan Spielman, Elena Brower, Norman Blair, Janet Stone and Pema Chondron - to name a few.
My yoga teacher-training was a correlation of the alignment and form principles of Iyengar Yoga with the flow of Ashtanga. Both interlinked by a deep focus on Pranayama and Bandhas.
My devotion and instruction has been described as 'authentic and passionate'. The sole purpose for guiding clients into the sacred practise of yoga, mediation & holistic movement is to equip them with tools for self-reliance and empower them to trust, be open and allow life to unfold in all it's glory and contrasts. Thus, enjoying life and living to our fullest potential!


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