Anita Ilicic


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I am born in august 1973 with Croatian roots, grown up in Germany.
Life as a dynamic, forever changing experiance for me, nothing is static.
I had years were i felt like a little nut shell rocking back and forth on the huge ocean of life.
A deep felt connection to Nature from early childhood, traveling, discovering and exploring outer and inner space have always been a great source of inspiration in my life.

For years Yoga, Meditation and Zhineng Qigong have been important elements on the adventurous journey to discover my inner universe.
Different practices has taught me to connect with the deep inner source of health, inspiration and joy, to feel grounded, and re-connected with my heart.
Regular practice, study and exploration of Zhineng Qigong, Meditation and Yin Yoga have shown me a way to cultivate mind, body and life energy, to experience the true nature of all phenomena, including the body as pure energy, and to feel harmoniously alive, strong and at home in my body.

I am grateful that i have met all this great teachers on my journey and all those who motivate, inspire and teach me to follow the path of my heart.
It has become an ongoing journey, which is increasingly more and more opening and interconnecting in all directions from moment to moment.
I teach regular classes and workshops in Hannover, Osnabrück and Berlin and co-create nourishing Yoga and Qigong weeks in my beautiful homecountry Croatia.
Feel welcome to move your mind, body and energy with me.


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