Anjili Russell

Keene, NH
United States

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Anjili is a highly skilled and trained yoga teacher and therapist with 15 years of service to the health and well-being of others. She is fiery, passionate and dedicated to assisting other people find and understand their most high potential.
Anjili has a passion for working with women to heal from shame, abuse, and trauma and to explore the inner workings of one's soul to understand the spiritual teachings of experience and show up for life unashamed and unapologetic.
She is a lover of magic, the Goddess, and all things natural to your Soul. Anjili is a mother, a life partner, a sister and friend to all who seek to live an authentic existence.
Anjili and her husband own an international yoga teacher training school, a large yoga center in their community and she organizes a team of psychotherapist in a Integrative Health Center.