Anna Bailey

United Kingdom

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After graduating from Sheffield Hallam, I went straight off to Indonesia with my boyfriend to complete my Yoga Teacher Training Course. This turned out to be THE best experience of my life, I learnt an incredible amount about the human body and the mind and I have found my passion in life. My passion is to help people to understand their minds and their bodies and enable them to help themselves live healthier and happier through having this understanding. The yoga that I teach is Vinyasa Krama which is a healing flow yoga. This yoga aims to bring stillness to the mind, the classes are relaxing and after a few weeks keeping up the practise, it's very rewarding too. Whilst we were in Indonesia, my boyfriend stumbled across an instrument called the Hang Drum. It's a unique instrument that creates gentle melodies. Since coming back from Indonesia we have combined the Yoga and the Hang Drum to create 'The Rhythm of Yoga' the Hang drum accompanies the yoga and meditation perfectly create a tranquil, relaxing environment.


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