Anna Bielecka

Ibiza Baleares

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Born in Warsaw, spent 20 years in Paris, living in Ibiza since 2012, happy mother of two children.
From my 1st teacher, I learned, step by step and breath by breath, the elements of precision, alignment and the reason behind every movement. From there I felt I had to go back to the “Source”, and so I went to Mysore, India to further my study of yoga where I discovered that it’s possible to overcome the limits in our body and mind.
To fully understand the body in movement, and above all to bring security to the practice, I followed anatomy workshops with Blandine Calais-Germain and Leslie Kaminoff.
On a second stay in Mysore, I successfully completed the yoga teacher education program with yogacharya V. Venkatesha.
I believe we all have everything we need to have a healthy life and access to everyday wellbeing. Knowledge and practice give us the opportunity to be our own teachers, for our bodies and minds, so that we may better understand ourselves first in order to then understand others. From there we have a chance to communicate better, to feel better, and to create a better environment in which to live.
Sustained effort brings us to an effortless state. Namaste.


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