Anna Galea


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Yoga came in my life from childhood. My mum fall in love with Yoga in her 20s and been practicing Hatha yoga nad start introducing in to me since I was small: lion pose, tree and inversions brought balanced feeling inside of me.
Years of practice, interest in anatomy and body alignment was deepen my physical practice. Balance in mind, meditation, silence walk and finally my move to live closer to the sea and nature - brought peace in my mind.
I start experience teaching from helping other teachers in alignments during there class, replacing and sharing my love and patience with students.
After some hard few years: death of my mother, my husband operation, etc. - my practice get deeper. Wish to share love, knowledge and help people to pass there hard time - lead me to start my own classes.
As a result I can't be happier and can't imagine a day not seeing shiny faces of my yogis. Love them for there support and there shared love.
And I am always happy to see you new people and help them to explore a wonderful journey of yoga


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