Anna Maria Zullo

Torrita di Siena SI

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After a technical formation, Anna chooses to follow a path of self discovery, deepening the contact with her self and nature, discovering and balancing her emotional and spiritual side. Yoga practice, become the daily formula which helps her to integrate body-mind-spirit, and allows her to connect with the rest of her surroundings. The success of this approach delevops a genuine will to experiment with different yoga practices and techniques. She then studies and obtains an Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga certification (RYT200), and also Yoga for Kids RCYT Balyayoga method after studying with Gianni Zollo and Jacopo Ceccarelli.
Such a diploma, is up with the International standards of Yoga Alliance and the National standards of UISP/CONI and CSEN/CONI
She now attends numerous training (with Manju Pattabhi Jois, first born of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, guru di Mysore, Andrea Boni) and workshops on different styles such as Anusara, Acro-Yoga, Anukalana, Shakti Yoga ecc.

Maintaining the original teaching of Ashtanga Yoga, Anna approaches the most difficul positions with calm, without forcing a natural flow, and connecting with the rhythm of the student. During her lessons, positions are safe for the joints and the spine, trying to visualize the image of lightness and the perception of flight with no wheight.
According to Anna Maria's theory, all of this helps to believe in her possibilities (not only physical), and helps in the understanding of the possibility of facing life challenges with harmony and serenity, as long as the individual is ready to come out of their confort zone.
She is President of the Anima Dinamica in Torrita di Siena, where she does not only teaches Yoga disciplines, but also offers personal growth support, conducts groups such as "Emotiva-Mente" with the help of the psicologist Danila Lorenzini, where these two realities, seem to be the ideal blend between Eastern and Western culture, where Yoga and Psycology meet.