Anna Petropoulou

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I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade and teaching since 2013. I started a systematic practice in Athens Yoga Center and there I also completed the 200 hour and 500 hour Certified Teachers’ Trainings, with Maja Zilih as a primary teacher. During the same period I attended several training courses, seminars and workshops with great teachers such as Sue Elkind (Prenatal Yoga), Elyzabeth Williamson (Partner Yoga), Anodea Judith (Chakra Yoga), Jivana Heyman (Accessible Yoga), Michael Stone, Carlos Pomeda (Meditation and Philosophy of Yoga), John Friend (Anusara Yoga), Todd Tesen, Vicki Howie, Rachel Lowe, Jay Martin, Alesandro Ortona, Desiree Rimbaugh and others. Lately, while maintaining my own personal practice, I am attending Maja Zilih's Sensit Yoga Immersions. I have also studied surveying engineer at the National Technical University of Athens and I am involved in web radio broadcasting.
In addition to teaching private and group yoga classes, I participate as instructor trainer in the 200hrs and 300hrs Teachers’ Trainings of Athens Yoga Center. I have taught several workshops in Austria and Crete. I have thorough knowledge of alignment as I use it as a valuable framework of development and communication for the yoga practice. At the same level I encourage students to trust, through observation and awareness, their own inner experience they create while they practice yoga. When teaching, I try to inspiringly combine themes from daily life, Indian philosophy and mythology with conscious breathing and movement as ways to explore and understand our true essence and as helping tools to navigate through the joys and challenges of our relationships. At the same time my teaching is spontaneous, as I remain receptive to the group’s dynamics, the surroundings and framework of each yoga lesson.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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