Anna Pilotti

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25 years of practising Meditation and Yoga.
Grateful for all my teachers and friends on the path:)
Past through various forms of Yoga being curious about tasting them all.
Hatha , Ashtanga Vinyasa , Iyengar,Kundalini, Yin&Yang, Vinny Yoga, and more modern forms like Vinyasa flow and more.
Lino Miele, Desikashar, Deena Kingsberg, Petri Räisinen, Insight Yoga, Dona Holleman and more.
Meeting masters of various paths like, Modern Mystics, Tantra, Sufis, Buddists and Shamans.
Special Thanks to Vasant Swaha and Premleena Wettergran

Mindfulness teacher
Certified Access bars and Body process facilitator
Holistic Massage Diploma


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