Anna Roman

Charlotte, NC
United States

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My first exposure to yoga was in a gym after the death of my mother to bladder cancer. Yoga was suggested as a ‘supplement’ to the heavy weight training and cardio I was doing. The type of yoga was very gentle with the same flow each week and I didn’t think of yoga as a discipline or way of life, just a supplement to my exercise regime.
In 2010, a really great friend of mine introduced me to my first yoga class at Gotta Yoga. The class was free and so I said, “What do I have to lose?” I was immediately struck by the feeling of ‘home’ and welcoming. The class was vinyasa style and the teacher actually touched me in the class which was very shocking because I had never experienced touch in a yoga class. This was the start of the crack in the dam that would eventually break. I was exhausted after the class but strangely felt energized and renewed. After a bit of prodding the same friend and I then ventured into hot vinyasa and I was hooked. I joined the studio and took advantage of every single class offered. I have never turned back.
Hindsight has 20/20 vision. Looking back, every single time I was feeling down, angry, sad, happy, or any other emotion, when I came to my mat, my world stopped spinning and I could actually breathe. I could find space to just be.
Yoga is my refuge. Yoga taught me to ask for and graciously accept help from others and that was when the dam broke and the true practice of yoga began. I felt a tremendous urge to give the gift of yoga to others. I received my 200 RYT from Gotta Yoga University studio under the tutelage of Kim Zegil and Tammy Edmonds in November 2013. Nothing has ever resonated in my mind, body and soul as practicing and teaching yoga has. It is a practice that is always liberating. I look forward to learning more and more and furthering my study of this life changing practice on my mat and in my life.


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