Anna Schwarz


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My own practice consists mostly of mindfulness meditation, breathwork, free flowing movement and self-healing techniques.
My focus in teaching Yoga is to make it accessible as a tool to get out of the mind into the body, to see the journey on the mat as a metaphor for life and to thus train qualities like non-attachment, contentment and non-violence in a safe container. Having studied and experimented the vast benefits, also breathwork is one of my main focusses.
My current journey goes more into the healing arts for which I took several trainings in Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki.

My classes, workshops and retreats are defined by the richness of practices and methods I have learned and studied. My own life philosophy is deeply influenced by Buddhist teachings as well as ancient Greek philosophers - which is why is I branded my style as Alpha OMega as the union of both of these influences - Eastern and Wester Mysticism.

This richness is what I want to share. My classes are never pure Asana classes - if you want to become fitter, toned, more flexible - yes you will. However my claim is to train not only your body but especially your mind. I want to share with you how to control this monkey mind, how to become more peaceful in your everyday interactions and relations. I follow a holistic approach and no class is like another.


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