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My Yoga Journey started in my childhood when my best friend and me discovered some Yoga CDs. We didn't really care what Yoga is but we enjoyed just experimenting and jumping around while a smooth voice told us to go into cobra, dog or other fun names.

After moving away from my home town Yoga stayed with me connected to joyful memories. I only started to get really into it when I was on my semester abroad in Mexico where I found a Guru that taught regularly on the campus.
Having been someone whose mind was always spinning around ToDo lists I was never really able to catch a good afternoon nap. And then there way my first real Shavasana: I was instantly hooked.
What is that Yoga that made me calm down so much? That allowed me to detach from things that I couldn't change or do at that very minute anyways?

So for some years I was experimenting around - trying very slow Yin Yoga to very dynamic Power Yoga classes taught by very diverse teachers. And at some point I wanted to go deeper and just decided to go to the birth place of Yoga to learn more: I repeatedly went to India and accomplished more than 500 hours of teacher training so far - all of them internationally accredited by Yoga Alliance. Additionally I dived deeper and deeper into Meditation. I went for a 10 day long silent retreat (Vipassana) in Thailand and am regularly meditating myself since then. I am currently experimenting with dynamic Meditations in the tradition of Osho but am also sticking with my silent meditation at the same time.

At first I did not intend to become a professional teacher but I guess it was my calling. Yoga enriched my life through new perspectives and views of life but has also opened me up towards amazing people who inspire me every day - both my students and fellow teachers.

This richness is what I want to share. My classes are never pure Asana classes - if you want to become fitter, toned, more flexible - yes you will. However my claim is to train not only your body but especially your mind. I want to share with you how to control this monkey mind, how to become more peaceful in your everyday interactions and relations. I follow a holistic approach and no class is like another.


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