Anna Stuewe

Calgary, AB

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My path in yoga started while completing my BA. I finished with an advanced major in Religion, mainly studying Buddhism and Hinduism. I was drawn to the calm minds of the self-reflecting yogis and the compassion infused within them.

I loved the yoga classes, but it was my personal practice that fueled my drive to go deeper. This is where I found my breath. It was the one thing that would stop my mind, calm my heart and fill me with good energy. Through yoga I found meditation. The kind people at The Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Center in Halifax patiently guided and taught me the many arts of meditation.

After university, I left Canada for about three years and traveled around the world, residing mainly in South Korea. During my time there I had the opportunity to stay in temples with monks and nuns, whose way of life and wisdom touched me deeply. My travels eventually lead me to India, where I completed a 250-hour, intensive teacher-training course in the Yoga Vidya Dham Ashram. My training included practical training in asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandhas, cleansing processes, and meditation.

I had the wonderful opportunity to study with David Swenson in a 40-hour teacher-training course. We studied the foundations and teaching techniques of the primary series in Ashtanga Yoga.

I'm currently finishing up my second degree a bachelors science in nursing. I will complete my degree in dec 2014. My practice as a registered nurse will focus on Oc

My classes emphasize flowing with the breath, developing grace in movement and meditation/awareness of thoughts. I always challenge my students in a way that is manageable for their skill level. I focus on a step-by-step process, to develop each student's own practice of self-reflection and personal growth.

"One cannot expect to become happy without hardship or effort.
Because we challenge ourselves we become strong.
To become strong is to become happy."
Daisaku Ikeda