Anna Sugarman

East Sussex
United Kingdom
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yoga teacher. teacher trainer. glamorous gypsy. superstar philanthropist. academic goddess. happiness architect. courageous adventurer. love lover. living yoga via passionate dedication to the practice. sharing yoga via playfully motivating heightened physical awareness, spiritual balance and heart opening - inspiring others to live life to the fullest, on and off the mat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

22 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
5-star rating for this wonderful and inspiring training

I completed a 200hr YTT with Anna in August 2017 (Ko Samui). Anna is a great teacher, full of resources and inspiration. Her classes are energetic, varied and fun! She conducted most of the classes herself (meditation, asana, pranayama and methodology) but also invited other teachers to cover specific topics (anatomy, philosophy, dedicated workshops). This training was intense, inspiring and a life-changing experience!
(there is bug in the system as I cannot chose the rating, but definitely a 5-star one!)

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Anna is pure magic!

I had the honour of practicing with Anna at The YoGarden Koh Samui and wow - what an inspiration! Anna's joy for the practice is infectious, she challenges you, makes you laugh, adjusts you perfectly and puts a lot of effort into planning her classes all of which add up to a phenomenal class. Love you Anna x

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Energy and presence

Anna has a great energy and ability to connect with a class. The time flew by, but nothing was rushed. She gave adjustment and individual attention throughout the session. The first class I took with her was like we had been practicing together for a long time - smooth transitions, clear directions for all skill levels, but still paying attention to those who may need addition help in a pose.

Some things are hard to put into words, Anna is a teacher that not only has a great passion for Yoga, she is able to use that passion to transfer her knowledge to her students. Just a great teacher!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Don't miss her class!

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna through a mutual friend whie I was in Thailand. She a genuine, positive, beautiful soul, and a fantastic yoga instructor. She is gifted in many ways and her class is a true joy. Her grace and wisdom deepened my practice and inspired me on my yoga journey.

If you are lucky enough to make it to Thailand go to The Yogarden on Koh Samui when she is there. You are in for a wonderful experience in an incomparable setting.

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Simply Lovely

Anna Sugarman is an incredible teacher who has helped inspire my interest in pursuing my yoga practice. I cannot think of another teacher who has helped me experience so much within an hour long class. After each class, I leave feeling toned, relaxed and elated with a stronger spiritual connection. She spends time with each student making sure they are holding poses correctly and making sure they push themselves a little bit further each time for sheer betterment. Anna's sweet demeanor and voice certainly has a calming effect which brings comfort and interest in attending more classes.

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Simply Beautiful!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga classes with beautiful soul - Anna

Anna's classes were always very inspiring and she always represented the philosophy of yoga truly from her heart. Thank you Anna for being such an inspiration :)

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Best yoga teacher.

Hello friends, this is Ajay Singh and I organise tours in India, Rajasthan.
I feel blessed that I met Anna. She is really an amazing and interesting person, the way she teach yoga, that's really wonderful. I had an unforgettable experience with Anna and I will highly recommend her. She is the best.
Ajay singh
Contact: +91 9828046970

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Incredible yogi! Bright, empathetic and energetic Anna!!!

I attend regular Anna Sugarman classes. She is an incredibly gifted teacher. Her passion for yoga is self evident. She has an impressive knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy. She flowingly brings us through the physical poses with both demonstration and explanation, and integrates great quotes from masters and thinkers to ponder the metaphysical. Her classes are real joy.

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Makes yoga fun and exciting

The first time I did Anna's class I fell in love with her style of teaching, she pushes you, guides you and takes you on an adventure! Best teacher EVER!!!

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Anna is an Angel!!

Sincere, intuitive and wise. Anna transformed my practice and is an expert that anyone will be lucky to call their teacher.

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Awesome and sunny!

Anna's classes are so fun and playful that it is hard to remember that exercise is meant to be difficult or boring. Her vinyasa flow classes are so perfectly put together so that I found my body trying to do the next pose before I was told what it was a few times. Even though her classes are very active Anna has a gentle approach and is able to show easier poses beforehand in such a way that naturally encourages you to listen to your own body before continuing onto the next variation.


This means your focus is on whether to push yourself or go easy, rather than whether you will look like a goon in front of more experienced people (my yoga nightmare).
Anna's yin classes are also lovely. Somehow I always came out of them feeling as though I was ready for a little sleep. Strange considering how yin can be if you are unable to relax.
Anna was my first yoga teacher and I still think of her common sayings (I call them Anna-isms) in my head when I practice yoga today.
Anna is also a genuinely lovely person with a big happy smile. She might be part human, part sunbeam, part slinky. Can't recommend her highly enough.

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Excellent teacher

My best yoga experience so far. Highly recommended.

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Amazing Instructor

From Novice to Expert, Anna covers it all. She's a naturally gentle person but is able to push you in your practice both physically and mentally. The perfect combination in my opinion!

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Excellent Yoga Teacher

My wife and I attended Anna's yoga classes every day for a week while holidaying on Samui. Anna is a very accomplished yoga teacher and was able to accommodate a range of yoga students in each of her classes from new students to very experienced. Her classes were very well structed and Anna directions were always very clear and easy to follow. We throughly enjoyed Anna's classes and learnt a lot from Anna and always felt very invigorated and refreshed after each class.

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Love my yoga time with Anna

My time practicing with Anna has been a wonderful learning experience!

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First class in a long time...

I haven't practised yoga for over two years before I met with Anna at a yoga class in Koh Samui. The class had a mix of experience levels and Anna made sure that everyone was comfortable and had a class that suited them. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and left leaving relaxed and stretched.
Thanks Anna see you at the next class.

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My class with Anna

Anna radiates a warmth and love. I felt her total presence and dedication while being led by her energizing practice. I very much enjoyed my class with her at the Yoga Garden in Koh Samui, and I hope to practice with her again soon!

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Terrific Yoga Teacher

After a yoga session with Anna, my entire body feels great, and she has taught me the importance of focusing on breathing in my everyday life. Simply put, she's a wonderful yoga teacher.

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a beautiful and authentic yoga teacher

A genuine passion for Yoga and a caring and considerate teacher. Anna leads a dynamic and strong practice with clear guidance and with an awareness of someone who is living their Yoga off the mat. She is friendly, talented and well wort a visit to the Yogagarden in Koh Samui.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Super Lovely Teacher

It was my first time tried Yoga when i'm in Samui & Anna considered my first teacher too. I'm glad that i had an amazing opportunity to join her class. She just lovely, beautiful soul & always smile. As a first timer that time she gave lot's of support and adjust my pose whenever necessary. She played an awesome tunes and whenever i listened to some of the song on her class it made me smile straight away ;)
I told you that i'm gonna continue Yoga when i'm back in KL & I did it!
But i regretted that i couldn't join your class here, I only knew it few days after that from IG. I missed it! Hope to join your class again one day and thank you for the beautiful experience i had in Yogarden! xx