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My life and practice are inseparable. My practice continues to teach my life, and my life continues to inform my practice. I deeply believe that the practice of Yoga helps to become the person we aspire to be, to light that divine spark inside of us and realize our full potential in life. Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change and personal evolution: finding stability in our body, cultivating a quiet mind, and managing our energy, through a journey towards Self-realization.
My Yoga classes are based on the traditional teachings of classical Yoga.
My Asanas classes are designed using the Vinyasa Krama system; I create a flow that focuses on the inner and outer alignments, that helps to develop strength, flexibility and balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result, the mind, body and breath are unified into a state of harmony.
On top of the Asanas, I focus a lot on the Yogic philosophy during my classes, to inspire the student’s practice and daily life - on and off the mat.
Regarding my personal practice, my daily Sadhana is built around the chanting of 108 times the Mantra AUM. I prepare my meditation with traditional Kriya Yoga, Mantras and Pranayama.
I am also learning Sanskrit through the Yogic scriptures and Mantra meditation. And finally, I study the Bija Mantras and Primal Sound.
By studying Sanskrit, and by practicing Mantra meditation, I have developed a fascination for the sacred sound and I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge in sound healing and sound therapy.
Looking forward to share everything Yoga with you.
With gratitude,


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