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Anna Wechsel grew up in rural Canada, where she studied sociology at Trent University and spent several years working in a treatment and residential care facility counseling at risk youth. Anna fell in love with yoga at her first class; feeling a harmony within her body and mind that she had not previously experienced. After volunteering with her local studio for some time, Anna went on to complete 200hr Teacher Training with Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2011 in Dharmsala India. Following her first Teacher Training graduation, Anna opened her own studio in Canada. In pursuit of further yoga education she went on to undertake an Internship with Himalaya Yoga Valley in India in 2013 after which she continued on to travel and teach throughout India, Vietnam, and New Zealand. Since April 2012, Anna has been a strong member of the Himalaya Yoga Valley teaching team in her position as Senior yoga teacher. She plays a pivotal role for the 200 and 300 Hr Teacher Training program. Anna has taught on Teacher Training at our Ireland centre, however primarily teachers our of our Goa retreat and training centre. She assists with syllabus and program development, training and retreat coordination and marketing. Anna is a co-mentoring teacher for individuals who undertake our internship and teaching assisting roles, providing them with guidance and support with their learning and professional development. Anna spends her off seasons travelling, teaching and hosting workshops in the international yoga community.

Anna believes that Yoga is a vehicle of transformation. She respects Yoga as a science that offers limitless health benefits; anatomically, physiologically and energetically, that encourage a healthy state of wellbeing.

Anna says: "Yoga creates freedom and space for us to transform physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is central to my daily life. I am honoured and grateful to have learned what I have and appreciate the forum I have as a teacher to offer what knowledge I have to anyone who is interested to learn about Yoga. I believe that whether it is the esoteric or the scientific aspects that interest you, Yoga has something to offer everyone. Yoga reminds us that it is only right here and now, in this very moment, that we can connect with the reality of things, where we can attend to this thing called change and learn to embrace it, work with it, one creative moment at a time."

-2011/ 15- 200 & 300 Teacher Training, Himalaya Yoga Valley , Dharmsala, Himachel Pradesh, and Goa India
-2006- Diploma in Child & Youth Therapy- George Brown College, Toronto Canada
-2009 – BA with Honours in Sociology - Trent University, Peterborough Canada


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