Anne Fong Braillard

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A Malaysian-Chinese by birth and a vagabond spirit by nature, Anne shares her love of yoga, energetic and sound healing with a beginner’s mind, inspired by numerous teachers who have influenced her practise and teaching.

Anne was fortunate to learn from many great teachers, amongst them – Simon Low (Yin & Yang Yoga), Gurmurkh(Kundalini Yoga), Ramanand Patel and Sri Nanda Kumar(Iyengar Yoga), Don Conreaux (renowned Great Gong Master), Gongmuse Surana (Meridian Sound Massage with singing bowls) and Yantara Jiro (Voice Sound Healing).

Anne is currently deepening her studies of the sacred gong under the tutelage of renowned gong master Don Conreaux

She also works extensively with Iyengar yoga props to help promote strength and flexibility in a safe manner.
Her classes are safe, intuitive and conducted with compassion; often accompanied by sacred chants, humour and the healing sounds of the sacred gongs, singing bowls and her voice.

She is also a certified Reiki Master in the tradition of Usui and Tibetan Reiki and is available for Reiki therapy and Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunements.

Anne is Yoga Alliance-certified and specialise in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Alignment-based Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Therapy with Props, Sound Healing Therapy with gongs, singing bowls and her voice.

She firmly believes in the healing power of Yoga through a consistent practice - both on and off the certainly in the “good buzz” that you get at the end of a yoga class!

Anne is beginning to hold workshops and wellness retreats internationally - watch this space :)

For all bookings/ enquiries, please email: /> or call: +81 80 7848 3357

Namaste. May your light shine bright always!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Anne taught me real Yoga, meditation, and improved my life

Anne has taught me yoga, meditation, and did Gong Bath (sound therapy). I had a number of 1:1 and also group sessions with her. Before working with Anne, I've tried yoga a number of times in the past but could never find yoga that suited me. With Anne, we tried a number of different poses and styles until we found a type of yoga that I really responded well to (Yin Yoga).


I moved from Japan and was really sad because I could not work with her further, though she helped me create a set of custom yoga poses that I still practice daily. I also learned to mediate with her, and I still mediate daily. Doing daily yoga and meditation has noticeably made me enjoy my day more, and made me a calmer, less stressed person. Anne is a really, really good teacher.

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Inspirational teacher

Anne is an excellent teacher who encourages her students to work within their boundaries and only go as far as feels correct. Her patience and enthusiasm for what yoga shine through and she makes sure you leave class with a clear head and calm soul.

Anne Fong BraillardApril 8, 2014
Hi Ali,

Hi Ali,
Thank you for your kind support throughout the year, and for showing up on the mat each week! Your beauitful presence has contribute much to the group energy in the class. See you back on the mat for the journey onwards. Namaste.

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A good teacher and great friend

I got to know Anne when she was a teacher at the yoga studio I used to go, I liked her style very much and joint her own class at the first chance I got. I feel peaceful and positive when she is around, she gave me a deeper understanding about what yoga is and I gained a lot both physically and mentally from the practice with her. I believe our paths came across for a reason and would cherish the connection with her from the bottom of my heart. Namaste.

Anne Fong BraillardApril 4, 2014

Namaste Clara, the feeling is mutual. We share and learn from each other too, both on and off the mat. Much love, Anne.

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Thanks a lot for doing it!!!

Anne Fong BraillardApril 4, 2014

And thank YOU for coming to my class Tanya! I look forward to sharing more yoga with you. Namaste!

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Anne is very friendly and nice teacher.
She allways focused on our needs and helps to improve us.
Focus on breathing techniks and body works is a good mix of her class.
I allways enjoy her class. I would recommed her to all my friends.

Anne Fong BraillardApril 4, 2014

Hi Gabi, I am very hapy to hear that you are enjoying your yoga experience. I love how you embrace each new experience with an open heart. See you soon! Namaste, Anne.

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Anne Fong Braillard - Yoga class review Shanghai April 2014

To whom it may concern:
Anne Fong Braillard is an excellent, very professional Yoga teacher. She makes everyone in class comfortable, explains well and clear. Also beginners learn the exercises quite fast. Due to Anne's friendly, open personality the atmosphere in class is calm, relaxed and focused. She is the reason, why we all love to join her class. Anne is structured, organized and would always see if someone needs help/adjustment. Anne always takes time to help & explain if necessary. She takes extra time after class for people with special health requests.
I can fully recommend Anne Fong Braillard as a Yoga teacher and I'm happy to join her classes.
Best regards,
Sabine Jahn (Germany)

Anne Fong BraillardApril 3, 2014

Thank you Sabine! You are a joy and a blessing!! I look forward to seeing you back on the mat.
Much love,