Anne Haack


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Anne Haack has crossed deserts, mountains and rivers to finally find home inside of herself. She gives healing treatments and yoga classes to help people transform, express their full potential and create a bridge between the outer and inner Self. Life is the only real teacher, but she is grateful for all the masters she met along the way studying different styles of yoga and bodywork in India and Europe for more than 15 years. For her, art and music are also a form of meditation and yoga is primarily a tool to transform the mind, not only the body.

Anne works with private clients for Yoga Therapy, Chakra Healing, Reiki and Ayurveda Healing Massage, as well as with groups. You can currently find her leading Retreats or Workshops in India, Morocco and Europe. Furthermore, she is the founder of the retreat company Desert U Retreat in the Sahara desert of Morocco and the Jewlery Line *Mala Magic*.


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