Anne Skov


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Hello all together

I'm sitting at home, I am almost entered after a ride in the woods with my horse. Sitting still in the jacket and a horsehair scent of spring and horse, quantities of it in the kitchen.
For me, the horses also my yoga and teacher. Their sensitive and pure nature which insist on my integrity, intimacy and clarity in leadership.

I am a qualified Hatha Flow yoga teacher, concurrency, I am inspired by vinyasa, anusara and kundalini yoga.
Yoga is becoming a natural part of my day, all places where I put my hand and all places I smell and look around.

I am learning to turn our eyes inward, mark after in my heart-open up, where I previously closed in.
I have gone through so many strong feelings the last year, i didnt know I could handly so many emotions, let them passede through -which has awakened the focus, manifestation and inner strength that I needed.
I am enriched by wonderful people and yoga teacher who is in my life.

My life is growing and many opportunities have come along with I started on yoga.

I am teaching in Studio Flow Svendborg, Denmark.

Also I teach yoga & Horseriding.

Love & Light


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