Anne Taylor, Ph.D.

Camano Island, WA
United States

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Anne Taylor, PhD (Har Kirat Kaur) is a certified KRI Kundalini yoga teacher and a licensed HeartMath® consultant.

Anne teaches and practices Kundalini yoga and meditation, because it is the yoga of awareness, fast acting, and makes you feel good.

Doctorate degree in Mythological Studies/Depth Psychology with focus on Medical Humanities; B. S. in Medical Biology. Served in Advisory, Regulatory Compliance, Product Development/ R&D roles for biomedical medical device leader, Spacelabs Healthcare. Provide unique skills and experience in the merger of Western and Eastern-based medical practices and philosophies for improvement of human health and psycho-spiritual transformation. Post doctoral research in restorative health, stress and stress-induced depression, and issues faced by loss of soul and aging populations.


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