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What is a path of awareness?

The essential aspect of my personal practice is to share ways of cultivating discipline and self-abidance in daily life, and of inspiring others on their path through:

receiving instruction and inspiration,
and meditation.

There are many techniques and views of meditation. But what is meditation?

Awareness being aware of itself.

This human life is precious and meditation is the wisest tool we have to guide us deeper into the treasure of knowing the nature of mind, the 'self, and learning how to fully live in our natural state - awareness and wisdom.

It is wisdom, awareness and self-abidance that tempers our reactions and relationship with the world. This minimizes confusion. And leads us to less suffering, and more space for understanding and growth. This is wisdom itself.

I have pursued the disciplines of yoga and meditation as both student and teacher, with advanced yogis and meditation masters for more than 20 years. This path has led me to Tibet, China, Mongolia, Nepal, India, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia seeking the heart center of all spiritual practice - self-abidance and meditation. I draw upon essential, teachings of Tibetan mind training, and meditation techniques learned from masters in Nepal and Tibet; India Vedanta teachings; and insight from direct experience within the Tibetan tradition of meditation.

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