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Sharing ways to cultivate higher levels of awareness, tools for and practice in self-abidance in daily life, concentration, and the cultivation of inspiration on the path is an essential part of my personal dharma practice. My fundamental passions are the spiritual and meditative aspects of Yoga. I draw from essential, personal teachings of the Tibetan techniques of mind training and meditation learned from masters in Nepal and Tibet; India Vedanta; and the insight and experiences I have directly received from meditation masters, yoga teachers, life in Asia, and personal practice. This human life is precious and meditation and Yoga are the wisest most ancient tools we have to guide us deeper into the invaluable treasure of truly knowing our self, and learning how to fully radiate our natural state - that of unmeasured love and compassion.

I've pursued the art of yoga and meditation as both student and teacher, with advanced yogis and meditation masters around the world for more than 15 years. Yoga asana classes with me are strengthening to the core, balancing, harmonizing, energizing and more - meeting each student exactly where they are on their path, at any level and helping them cultivate energy and inspiration to continue the journey. My spiritual adventures have led me to Tibet, China, Mongolia, Nepal, India, Mexico, Thailand and Indonesia - always seeking the jewel of Yoga, the heart center of all spiritual self-abidance and meditation.

I have taught in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and the US; and now teach yoga asana and meditation classes and retreats most of the year in Tulum Mexico. I also edit sacred and spiritual texts and books; sacred translations from Tibetan and Chinese texts; and co-auther and edit yoga, meditation and pranayama teaching manuals and books.

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