Annette Davidson

redondo beach, CA
United States

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sat nam l love my lifestyle as a kundalini yoga/meditation teacher in California. My early morning sadhana (meditation) gets me up and going for the day. I help kids to meditate in schools and support parents who are interested in learning about yogic lifestyle for growing families. This incorporates healthy eating habits and family group meditations. I trained at yoga west in California the home of Yogi Bhajan who bought Kundalini yoga to the western world. This is the yoga for every day house holders, it is for practical every day living. I am also a master tarot card reader, third generation from my Irish grandmother. Look to my website will be in Midleton Ireland this xmas love to meet any yogini while visiting family. Blessings to all contact me via text California 424 247 8642 Sat Nam Wahe Guru


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