Annette Moltzan

Littleton, CO
United States
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I am a Certified Yoga Therapist-C-IAYT. I have been teaching yoga since 2009; with an emphasis on helping maturing adults and senior citizens maintain a healthy lifestyle through yoga. My training and experience have led me to help others find a well-rounded practice using traditional ancient yoga techniques and light energy. Private sessions are personalized and based on students goals and individual needs. Classes are taught in a gentle, slow manner with props so each student can find their own expression of yoga. We embrace all aspects of yoga and experience how the blending of movement, breath, mudras and mantras can lead you to wholeness and overall well-being.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Annette Moltzan's Yoga Expertise

Annette's approach is professional, compassionate, flexible, adaptive, caring, gentle, and empathetic. She is well aware of individual needs for adjusting to various practices based on injuries or ongoing medical conditions. She explains very carefully and thoroughly. She varies each class with new material presented and a new focus. She justifies and explains all spiritual and physical benefits and connections between them. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.


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Annette is very knowledgeable. She is very patient. She adjusts the difficulty range for each individual person and modifies the pose based on the ability of each person. I love the different breathing practices and the strong spiritual focus. The class is very relaxed and natural we laugh and have fun.

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The perfect yoga teacher

Annette has been my yoga instructor for just over a year. I walked into her class with a limited amount of prior experience with yoga and a tremendous amount of muscle tension from head to toe. Thanks to her attention to my specific physical needs as we move through poses that work on stretching and strengthening the body as well as to her spiritual readings at the end of each class, my days are now relatively pain free. I am much more keenly aware of my own edge - physically and spiritually. Working with her has been a special gift in my life.


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Annette is a great yoga instructor!

I have been very pleased with Annette. This class seems like it's made for me because she focuses on the groups and what our needs are that week. She can change the routine depending on the what individuals are experiencing (pain, stress, etc.). I love my yoga class!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga for Health

Annette has a way with energetically and physically knowing where you are with your yoga poses and where you need to go to create the best outcome for your yoga experience. She modifies her poses according to the individuals aches and pains and constantly ensures the person is where they need to be for the best healing in each individual. Her flow allows me to always feel uplifted and connected to more when leaving her session. If you're looking for a flow of life force or increase of strength and wholeness within your body, she will not let you down.