Annick Cuvelier


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I am passionate about sports, travel, connecting people. Since more than 15 years, I have been searching for many ways to grow and develop and I am very much inspired by yoga and it’s phylosophy to apply in my daily life. I have been working in marketing communications and event management and I am now geared to fulfill my dream, Yoganic Moves.
Yoganic Moves is a melting pot of my passion for sports, adventure, yoga and connecting people. With Yoganic Moves I want to offer yoga holidays and retreats in combination with other acitivities such as sports, adventure, culture and coaching. I work together with virbrant teachers from all over the world that are inspiring me.
Yoganic Moves has a deeper meaning. To move stands for growth and development, but also for travel and literally for moving (sports and yoga asana’s).
Yoganic is a contraction between Yoga and my name Annick. Each holiday is a creation coming from my heart and soul. I love to connect people and places. I love to work with other people and value the power of co-operation.
With Yoganic Moves, I want to “move” you towards your dreams and to connect you with your inner teacher, your passion and mission. I want to inspire you to follow your dreams, to gain more awareness and find a deeper connection with your true self, as this is the essence of life.
Yoganic Moves is delighted to welcome you on one of her travels and in her classes.


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