Annie Au

Vancouver, BC

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Currently a yoga nomad, I travel around the world including Mexico, US, Canada, Thailand and Bali teaching yoga. I offer an integrative Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridians teacher training. This training is a comprehensive integration of Daoism, Chinese medicine, and yoga philosophy. I have certified over 250 yoga teachers worldwide. Graduated in the Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia and now I specialize in yoga anatomy. I like to infuse anatomy knowledge in my yoga classes to help students practice more intelligently and avoid injuries. I like to lead a dynamic class filled with inversions with a duality of restorative and healing sequences.

Before yoga, I was a professional contemporary dancer and established Au Dance ( a dance school for age 2-16) in Vancouver Canada. My decade-long dance career has taken me around the world including some fond memories touring in India, Egypt, Brazil, and Germany. Forever grateful for the divine love and bliss in my life.

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