Anthony Pavkovich

Bozeman, MT
United States

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Anthony lives his life searching for the balance between spontaneity and control. This search lets him share time between the rocks, ice, and mountains of Montana along with his yoga mat.

His path towards yoga began with a gentle push from some good friends. Anthony studied as a physicist and mathematician in college and was pretty hard headed and set in his ways. Though some great friends practised yoga, he was unwilling to step outside his comfort zone.

That miraculously changed when Anthony continued his studies in graduate school. He started attending a yoga class, offered in the campus gym, simply to move after sitting in a desk all day. Then, embracing the practice he began to regularly attend multiple classes a day at his local studio.

For Anthony, yoga helped him recognize how unhealthy his life was becoming physically, mentally, and spiritually. That recognition was the first step, and now he is on a winding, twisting path of self discovery.

Yoga became his catalyst for change. With a new awareness and a desire to live a better and happier life, he left school and finally started to ask the question, "why." Yoga has reawakened Anthony's sense of wonder in the world.

Anthony approaches teaching and his practice from this sense of wonder. How do we move? Why do we move? Could we move more efficiently and with grace? Join him in his search for these answers.

Anthony invites you to come explore this existence together!


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