Antiqua Libbey

Wasilla, AK
United States

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Antiqua Libbey is a self-care expert with a gift to help her students to realize their optimal potential- powerful body, happy mind and purpose driven life. With her roots in health and fitness Antiqua’s passion began when she realized how great everyone feels when they are comfortable in their own skin and playing full out in their own life. After teaching over 15,000 hours and training yoga and meditation teachers in her signature approach to wellness Antiqua felt it was time to reach more people. She decided to put her knowledge of nutrition and fitness online in the hopes to witness even more people optimize their health as a personal coach.

In 2010 the magic began to happen when she began to combine her yoga/fitness training with her new coaching skills she was directed/called by God to pray with her clients and then speak transcendence over the negative emotions/habits/patterns that often blocked them from realizing their God given potential. This unconventional way of combining the power of “Sozo” healing prayer and fitness coaching quickly coined her nickname of the “trauma transformer” and the rest is making history.

In 2012 she was honored as one of America’s Premier Experts as a leader in the self-care movement. Her personal inspirational story and her signature mind/body fitness technique deemed the Trinity Approach to divine living has been seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and affiliates as well as heard on talk shows and radio shows across the

Welcome to her sight where you have access to all of her online programs and her personally. Be Divinely You – realize your God given potential and live it, full body, fully vibrant and fully YOU.


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