Antoinette Rucinski

Fortitude Valley Bc QLD

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- Corporate Yoga Classes
- Morning Yoga at Retreats
- Private Classes

Antoinette also known by her spiritual name Sat Shabad, has been practicing various styles of yoga for over 25 years. Training and becoming a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher in 2010 she has been teaching regular classes since. Drawing from her experiences she creates a unique style of yoga suitable for all levels, classes are sometimes gentle / sometimes energetic with a passionate focus on relaxation and meditation.

She has also taken her yoga to children having completed training in Radiant Child Yoga and is an advocate for sharing her love of yoga – volunteering classes often to those who may not otherwise experience them.

“Sat Shabad Kaur means the Princess/Lioness of God who holds truth in her heart, who speaks words of truth, and who vibrates the sound current of the Gurus words with grace and courage, throughout her life.”


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