Antonia Uribe-Leteinturier

Miami, FL
United States

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Antonia specializes in Yin and Restorative Yoga as well as fluid, passionate Yang Yoga flows that emphasize the grace and beauty of the human body and her love of movement (with special attention on music and sangha, or community). She integrates Vipassana and mantra meditations into every class, strongly believing in the power of voice and vibration to induce a state of well-being. All of her classes are led with the heart and a genuine care for each and every one of her students.
To Antonia, Yoga is a simple, cleansing, non-dogmatic practice. It is like the water of a fluid river, adapting and adjusting to the ways of the world and to the needs of every student’s body. Yoga has no expectations of how a pose should look, but rather, a gentle curiosity of how the sensations feel in the body. As a teacher, Antonia wants to lightly and assuredly guide others in finding the soft awareness of the beauty of life and of this physical existence.
She completed her RYT-200 training with the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja California, Mexico.
Om Shanti!


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