Antonio Elugardo

San Miguel de Allende WA
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Greetings Yogis and Yoginis!

Yoga found me at a point in my life when I needed it most. When one is sincere in seeking answers, the path that has always been there will reveal itself.

Through deep meditation and continued work with the chakra system, I found a deeper sense of the Divine.

This connection with the Divine, Oneness allowed me to surrender and fully awaken my being to allow the unfolding to take place.

For myself, this unfolding has brought me far and wide, learning from some of the best teachers. I recieved my training from Naada Yoga in Montreal Quebec in 2011/2012. I studied with the likes of Richard Rosen, Leslie Kaminoff, Francois Raul, Michael Stone and Elizabeth Emberly to name a few.

My mission or my intention when I teach is to maintain a direct line to the Divine Source through breath awareness. All of our history- from emotional traumas to physical injuries can be tied to our breath.

It is said the "OM" is the sound of the universe. The eternal vibration that is the audible resonance from the universe coming into creation.

If we focus on moving with breath awareness, it brings one into closer connection to the Divine energy that connects all of humanity, all living things from the finite to the infinite.

I close every class with the sacred chant of "OM" with the aid of toning bowls.

This sound is healing for those who listen as well as for those who partake in intoning this ancient mantra.

It has been said that "angel" is another word for "messenger."

My message, on this physical plain, is to help others free their mind as well as their body and then perhaps we can each learn, in time, to surrender to the Divine.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

57 Reviews

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