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The seeds were planted at a young age for me to engage in deeper thought.

This unfolding has brought me far and wide, learning from some of the best teachers in the world. I recieved my training from Naada Yoga in Montreal Quebec in 2011/2012. I studied with the likes of Richard Rosen, Leslie Kaminoff, Francois Raul, Michael Stone and Elizabeth Emberly to name a few.

My mission and my intention when I teach, is to maintain a direct line to Essence through breath awareness. Pranayama, Qi gong, as well as free form movements all get the prana moving through the body.

My classes are tailored for "all levels," and all ages, with props available.

Life is a gift and that gift is expressed one breath at a time.

Hold gratitude in the space between the inhale and the exhale.

Inhale peace.

Exhale harmony.



Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

58 Reviews

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Excellent Chair Yoga Teacher

I write this review after my second month long twice weekly chair yoga sessions with Antonio. Antonio is a wonderful teacher.He meets each student where she/he is in her/his practice. He is able to make adjustments so that each student feels successful. Patience,kindness,encouragement,support, never judgmental....what else does one want in a teacher?
Looking forward to next year in San Miguel de Allende and resuming Chair Yoga.
Carole L.

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Antonio lives and breathes his practice.

It's so gratifying to have a yoga teacher in Antonio who takes his own spiritual disciplines, including yoga and meditation, seriously; who prepares in body mind heart and spirit for each class; who facilitates a class that calls us to love, strengthen and nurture our bodies even as we tend to our hearts, minds and spirits,. His teachings are well thought out and his classes flows seamlessly. Flexibility, strength and grounding are some of the gifts I have walked away with after every class.

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Antonio Yoga Class Review

Antonio demonstrates a deep understanding for yoga both spiritual and body work- so much so that it appears he has been studying and teaching for a lifetime. He is a thoughtful and patient teacher, who I would recommend to anyone looking to study yoga in San Miguel

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Antonio is Inspiring!

Antonio's yoga classes are spiritual, invigorating and relaxing. From a body standpoint he focuses on stretching and strength. He gently adjusts your pose if you need it. He has inspiring words of affirmation and also uses sound bowls and chants to relax and invigorate the spirit. Antonio has a beautiful operatic voice and a calming aura and spirit. I feel amazing after his class. He really knows his stuff!

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Antonio is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had in my life. I have experience with Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar methods but nothing compares to Antonio. His flow of demonstrations and explanations are like an articulate dance of fluidity. He is in tune with every student in his class and knows exactly where their appropriate limits are and never pushes anyone beyond their safety zone.


His classes have also taught me to breathe again from my diaphragm which have helped me deal with a vocal condition that plagued me for the last 7 months. I also highly recommend his chakra alignment which put me into a deep state of relaxation. The class includes chanting and meditation along with profound truths that are shared by Antonio. I think most students would agree---one could listen to his voice all day. Thanks Antonio!

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Excellent teacher for all levels

I enjoy Antonio's all levels class as it feels like everyone can work to the level that gives meaning to their practice. I especially like the incorporation of breath and body awareness focuses. I have been highly stimulated in body mind and spirit.

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The ONLY teacher for us.

My wife and I started Yoga late 2016. We had worked as teachers- on our feet a lot! We had studied Tae Kwon Do and Meditation. However, we are older and retired now, but our spirits are young and curious!


I had severe doubts whether Yoga would be ambitious and meditative enough for me. In the first few minutes, realized that I had found a new home full of hard and strenuous work with gentle and spiritual peace. Antonio is the ONLY teacher for us! He knows how to be attentive to individual needs and safety, while pushing the stronger veteran Yoga practitioners to their limit. He is highly sensitive to individual needs,
From a teacher perspective, we know how important PREPARATION is. Antonio prepares for class daily with a complete lesson plan. There is never an awkward nor unplanned transition. Interestingly, I have found the meditative parts to be inspiring and they have encouraged my own experience to a higher level.
In summary, I am very happy and committed to Yoga as a result of Antonio's classes. Namaste!

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Antonio is attentive, very experienced and gentle

Each class was unique, yet always included the most basic poses plus poses to challenge every member of the class. Always the students were encouraged to only work at their own level. After each class I felt renewed physically & spiritually.

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Yoga with Antonio ... food for the mind, body and spirit!

I am ever grateful that my roommate Bev 'dragged' me to Antonio's class, telling me I would love them. I was skeptical, having gone to far too many classes over many years, where I was left wanting something different, something more spiritual, not poses after poses that I find hard to maneuver. What a beautiful surprise to discover Yoga by Antonio! He masterfully blends breath work, chanting, qigong, yoga, meditation, stretching and yes, poses too :) ... it becomes a total experience for the body, mind and spirit. One leaves his classes feeling cared for and at peace. He is a kind, gentle, nurturing, highly intuitive, respectful, wise, deeply spiritual man ... Find your way to Life Path and yoga with Antonio ??

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Excellent Teacher

One of the things I most look forward to in San Miguel is Antonio’s yoga class at Life Path. I invariably come out of the hour and a half class feeling younger, healthier, and more light-hearted. Antonio is a kind, genuinely spiritual person with a sparkling sense of humor. He teaches from a deep understanding of the practice of hatha yoga. I highly recommend his classes.

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Yoga and Chakra Alignment with Antonio

I had the good fortune to “discover” Antonio through an acquaintance in San Miguel de Allende this February and was able to attend several of his Vinyasa Yoga classes during my stay. I found his classes to be one of the highlights of my time in San Miguel. Antonio is a caring and thoughtful teacher who incorporates yoga, chanting, breathing exercises and even guitar into the practice.


His classes which take place in the beautiful studio at Lifepath Retreats can be appreciated by every level practitioner because he watches each person carefully, offering adjustments and variations to ensure your comfort, yet keeps it challenging. His spirituality and knowledge combined left me feeling calm in the mind and energized in the body each time I attended his class.

My delight in his classes led me to have a Chakra Alignment session with Antonio, which he offers at a location of your choice. I had never experienced this before, and was thrilled with the experience and the results of the session. I can best explain it as a very deep meditation, which Antonio facilitates through use of crystals, sound and guided focus on each Chakra. He begins with conversation on your mental, physical and spiritual state, and during the guided meditation, he is very in tune with those points. As Antonio pointed out to me, the experience is very different for everyone and while he doesn’t know what will happen, “something will happen.” And for me, it did. I reached a relaxed, meditative state very quickly, and had a series of personal “visions” that allowed me to reach clarity on many issues in my life. I left with a sense of peace and joyfulness that lasted for several days, and residual effects continue to this day, several weeks later.

It was worth every bit of the reasonable price. We had our session at Antonio’s studio which was very nurturing, however if noise is an issue for you, you may want to have Antonio come to your home if it’s a quiet place, since his home is subject to the various noises of San Miguel! However, during and following a session with Antonio you’ll hear and embrace those noises in a whole new way!

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This has been my first experience with yoga. Antonio has a good balance in his classes. He challenges the class yet reminds us to accept and appreciated our level of flexibility and strength. It's a fine line. I am spiritually and physically a healthier person after 2 months of regular sessions.

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Enjoy the yoga class

Antonio put a lot personal touch in his yoga class. I especially enjoy the 'OM' part, every class I felt my chest was cleared up. His class made me more focus on my breathing, which I have been trying to improve on. He is knowledgeable about the asanas and provide good adjustments on alignment.

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Learning to Breathe with Antonio

I am fortunate to have found Antonio in
SMA. I have a condition called Dystonia ...a movement disorder. He has helped me to move on from shallow breathing to deep breathing which is healing. Many of us with health concerns are in the flight or fight response as we are so concerned with escaping pain and discomfort..Learning to breathe properly helps one to relax our body and then we have a greater chance of healing. Antonio is a person with good training and insight into the way to better health. He has helped me realize there is a lot I can do to relax my mind and body. Wanting to heal leads us down a path of clearer insight. I would recommend Antonio to be a partner with you for better health and wholeness. All the best, Kate

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Excellent experience

Antonio's sessions where an excellent combination of Hatha yoga, qi gong and guided mediation. He incorporated chanting and singing bowls into the practice. I also recommend his private lessons for chakra cleansing too. He is a very kind and caring and experienced yogi. I highly recommend him

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My all time favorite yoga instructor

I've been attending Antonio's yoga classes for over a year and find them the best I've ever experienced. He's patient and helpful and provides both a fun, relaxing and very good class. His style is relaxed and easy and he's very helpful during and after class. Highly recommended.

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Wonderful teacher for any level

I have taken a lot of yoga classes over several decades, and I feel that Antonio is a really outstanding teacher. He has a very spiritual orientation, in a way which I find very inviting and well integrated into the physical work. He is very, very attentive to the students and tuned into them. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable and that seems to give him an ability to adjust a class to the students present.


I always very much appreciate when I can take a class and feel that I am getting what I need, whether I'm the most or least flexible/strong/experienced person there. Antonio gives that kind of guidance -- so I never feel that the class is too easy or too hard; always just right because of his guidance. One thing I really appreciate is that he walks around the room and checks on people, sometimes making subtle adjustments to us. The sliders on the sliding scale system wouldn't let me move them, so I'll say he is balanced between demonstrating and explaining. He is pretty balanced between friendly and reserved (friendly in a gentle way, I'd say). He gives occassional adjustments. Very experienced. Very safety oriented. Very spiritual, but I wouldn't say in his case that that is in contrast to the body at all.

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Warm, demonstrative, spiritual, and talented

There are very few yoga teachers to whom one can fully entrust oneself, assured to be led carefully and intentionally through a class without injury, regardless of level. Antonio is one of these few. I arrive knowing that I will leave his class feeling inspired and nurtured. Having taken yoga for over 30 years, I think of Antonio's class as a "must do" for myself when in San Miguel.

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A Pleasure

I had the privilege of taking a chair yoga class with Anthony. First of all he is beautiful inside and out. He is calm and kind. He brought a spiritual component to the class that gave it extra depth for me. I attended one class a week and it made a HUGE difference in the flexibility of my body. I looked forward to every single class. I highly recommend his class for anyone wanting to wake up their body and their spirit.

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pablo rivero

Antonio , Es un profesor muy sensible y consciente del grupo y de sus individuos , explica claramente y te hace las correcciones debidas en su momento .
la energía positiva que emite a través de sus cánticos y su buena vibra es extraordinaria .

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

"Antonio is a teacher par excellence, and without equal, as far as I’m concerned!. He inspires my breath, soothes my soul, heals my body, and leads his class with gentleness, wisdom, humor, acceptance, ease, and humility. He accommodates all levels and offers us a combination of meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, spiritual readings, sound meditation, chakra tuning, and surprise. His voice is deep, resonant, and reveals the clarity of his connection to himself and the world around himI recommend him unreservedly with every cell in my body!”

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Lovely teacher, perfect vibe

Two months ago, I wandered into Antonio's Chair Yoga class on a whim and proceeded to come back twice a week for the rest of my 5 week-stay in San Miguel. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a chair! It's serious yoga while gentle at the same time. And I can't imagine a more delightful teacher. Balanced in so many ways...spiritual and body-focused, soft-spoken yet friendly, supportive but not intrusive, serious about yoga but light-hearted! The perfect environment for me. I always left class feeling centered and body and mind. Thank you, Antonio.

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Vacation yoga

I really enjoyed Antonios class while visiting San Miguel! He was so patient as he guided me with alternate poses to meet my needs. Antonios style was very soothing! I specifically loved his emphasis on breathing! Definitely looking forward to returning to San Miguel and taking more classes! I highly recommend Antonio to anyone wanting to experience a great yoga experience!

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The best!

I miss Antonio and his great classes! He is reason alone to visit San Miguel de Allende!

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Wonderful teacher

I love Antonio's classes. I arrived in San Miguel in adrenal exhaustion and Antonio's class has been a restorative saviour for me. I have found very few teachers that inspire me to attend daily. I have gotten in touch with myself, the stillness within and my body as a result of the daily morning classes. He's fun, gentle and consistent. He also lives the path of a yogi, which is a far cry from the wham bam style of teaching in London, and I guess other main cities.