Anya Arguelles

Makati City Metro Manila

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I found my interest in yoga when a friend introduced me to Pattabhi Joi's Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Led youtube video back in 2014. I loved the fact that I could keep a sustainable practice even at home because it's already a set sequence. It was pretty challenging but the little improvements I noticed when I diligently practiced more frequently became my motivation. I was drawn to the physical strength and flexibility and how my body was slowly changing and gaining more endurance with every practice. The home practice had it's limitations though. Knowing I had to be guided by teachers in person but found it hard to squeeze practice time at the nearest studio while I worked as an engineer, I tried to keep my self-practice especially that I was often sent out of town for field assignments. It wasn't until my first Ashtanga workshop with Ajay Kumar that I learned the importance of ujjayi and the bandhas. Since then, I would save up for workshops realizing that teachers are more attentive to giving more personalized adjustments than in a regular yoga class.

In order to deepen my practice, I took my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh where I found even more room for improvement in my Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and found deeper respect for Hatha. Prior to my first teacher training, I had no plan on becoming a yoga teacher. It was only in the middle of the training where I discovered my love for sharing my own practice. Yoga therapy was a topic that was very briefly discussed during the training but piqued my interest. Upon coming home a month after my training, I found out about Medicale Yoga Institute and it's course offering of 100-hour Professional Yoga Therapy teacher training which I completed in February 2019.

With every yoga teacher training, I unlearn what I know and keep realizing how much more I do not know. Yoga has always been teaching me a lot of beautiful lessons on and off the mat. Towards the end of 2018, I decided to take the big leap and listen to my Soul's calling to share my passion and love for yoga to more beings. With the practice that bring me growth, lessons that help my Soul evolve, though the transition is scary, I know I have found my life purpose. With faith, following my dream and surrendering it all to the Universe, things are slowly falling into place just perfectly.


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